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    Default Parasound Halo P3 preamp verses Parasound Halo JC-2 preamp

    I am considering upgrading my preamp and would appreciate any feedback, opinions and advice.

    Basically, I am wondering if I can expect a noticeable improvement in sonic quality by swapping out my P3 preamp with a JC-2 preamp? Obviously, there is a significant expense outlay related to this proposed upgrade. Therefore, I am wondering if the JC-2 is significantly superior to the P3?

    I realize much praise has been expressed here at Club Polk about tube gear. However, I am very pleased with my solid state A21 amp. Given such, I would like to try to stick with the Halo line.

    Any opinions, feedback and advice on the performance of the P3 verses the JC-2 would be greatly appreciated.

    As always, thank you for your thoughts on this matter.


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    I've never heard either, but I can tell you that from a design perspective, the JC2 is vastly superior. It's a very cleanly designed preamp.

    My next 2 channel pre is most likely going to be a Halo P3. If you decide to upgrade, and sell the P3...keep me in mind. There's a good chance that I'd be interested in it.
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