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Thread: Adcom 5800

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    Default Adcom 5800

    I will be purchasing a used adcom 5800 for my HT. I will be using it drive 2 polk rti10's. Ive heard this amp is bright as far as the sound that comes out of it, my preamp will be an onkyo tx-sr705. Does anybody know if this receiver is neutral or bright as far as sound goes, ive not listened to any other receivers to compare to so im not sure. As far as the amp goes, will it go well with these speakers? It seems that power wont be an issue im just wondering about everything else thanks!:)

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    You will love the 5800, I'm sure. Mine was bright with an Adcom pre, when I replaced the pre with a B&K all of the brightness went away & it opened up tremendously.
    I'm not familiar with Onkyo stuff, as long as it's not too pricey, give it a go.
    Good luck

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    thats a huge relief thanks for the information!

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