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    Default Tuning my DSW MicroPro1000

    Okay guys I am a complete noob when it comes to Home Audio surround sound. This is my first true (not out of the box HTS).

    The setup:

    -Harmon Kardon AVR 254 7.1 Reciever
    -Polk Audio Monitor 30 Bookshelf for the fronts
    -Polk CS10 Center Channel
    -Polk M311 Series for the rears
    -And of course, a DSW MicroPro 1000 Sub.

    I know nothing about phases, and was wondering what setting for volume and Hz would be a match?

    Should I leave this up to my EZ set/ Equalizer that comes with my reciever?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated as I would like to get the most out of my setup.


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    I am not sure if I understand your question. Are you asking about the crossover frequency? A good rule of thumb is to begin with the EZ set and then proceed to tweak manually. Get out a tape measure and make sure that the EZ set got the distances right. Then as far as the crossover frequency goes I would say that chances are you want the 30s and cs10 between 80-120hz, and the M3IIs at 100 minimum. Nice thing about the HKs is the quaduaple bass management, so you can set the different speakers up differently. The key is to try out several different crossover frequencies with material that you are familiar with and see which one sounds the best. The nice thing about your sub is it can go rather high (200 hz) so you shouldn't have much of a problem blending you sub with you speakers unless your room is pretty big or you are listening at insane levels.

    Good luck and welcome to CP!
    HT Rig:
    Mains, Center Surround - Klipsch KHC - 6 In-Ceiling
    Center - Polk cs400i
    Surrounds - Monoprice in-ceiling
    Sub - SVS PB10-ISD
    Receiver - Pioneer VSX-1018ah-k
    Server - Logitech Squeezebox Duet
    Blu-ray - Sony BDP-S390
    DVR - DirecTV Genie + AM21
    Display - Samsung PN43E450 Plasma

    Two Channel PC Rig (In progress)
    Dell Studio 540s-->Pangea USB Cable-->HRT Music Streamer II DAC-->MIT AVT1-->Dayton DTA 100a-->MIT EXP2-->Polk Monitor 5 w/Peerless

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