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Thread: Bad tweeter?

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    Default Bad tweeter?

    I bought a pair of RTi A1's off polk direct a couple months ago, and I finally got a receiver for them. I ran through the Audyssey setup on my Onkyo 608 today (twice to make sure it wasn't an error), and both times it set my right speaker 8-9db higher than my other speakers.

    I went in to the setup menu to correct what I though was an error. When you select each speaker it plays static through them so you can compare each. When I select the right speaker, the static is noticably lower pitched and if I take away the db boost that audyssey set the speaker is also noticably quieter.

    Does this mean my tweeter is bad? What else could I try to confirm this?

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    It sounds like it's doing what it's supposed to be doing.

    Audyssey sets the speakers up to work better in your room, and sometimes this requires the level of one(or more) speaker(s) to be significantly higher than the others.

    Have you listened to the speakers yet? Put your ear up to the tweeter in question and see if you can hear anything. If you can't hear anything, or it sounds staticy, there could be a problem. From what you're describing though, it doesn't sound as if anything's wrong.

    Quote Originally Posted by Jhon Smitch View Post
    There may be a fuse, but getting to it may require taking the woofer out and looking inside the speaker. The crossover also may be removed from the rear where the speaker wire connects. You may have to remove the speaker wire connector plate. The crossover may be on the back of it. If you do find the fuse, you can then take the good fuse out of the other speaker to try it.

    There has to be some way to access the crossover. It is also possible that the crossover is bad.
    There aren't any fuses on the RTiA1's. To the OP, don't follow this douches advice.

    Also, your post has been reported, spammer.
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    You may want to do the paper towel roll test....put the cone to the tweeter to isolate the sound on both speakers.
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    Call the Polk customer support line: 1-800-377-POLK
    They'll help you figure out if you have a tweeter problem or not.
    They're great to work with - helped me out before.
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    Turns out when I hooked up the speakers I unscrewed the top binding posts also (don't know why I did that...) and forgot to screw them back down after attaching the speaker wire to the bottom posts. Doh!
    While tightening the top posts I could hear the tweeter come on.

    I didn't have time yet, but I plan on clearing the Audyssey calibration and then doing the "paper towel" test to make sure things are in order and then I'll run Audyssey again.

    Thanks for the suggestions!

    Edit: I guess this should have gone in the troubleshooting forum. Sorry, still new here.

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