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    Smile Monster M-series cables---Review

    Did some wire purchases from Mantis' closet sale, got my ears on this weekend and did some serious listening.

    I have a large room at 3000 cu/ft so added a second 450 psw along with the Monster M351 sub cables. Since I made two changes at once here was hoping for big improvements. Got what I needed, although I would not recommend two subs as a starting place but it did work for me. Now the cables, after letting them burn for a while to get things loosened up the subs were kicking out some of the clearest bass lines I have heard from my system. Listening to Rumors DVD-A the bass line was solid, tight and clear, sounding as if the guitar was in the room. HT has shown a defenite improvement. The floorboards were shaking and my chair vibrating during Star Trek Nemisis when the two ships collided but without any distortion have calibrated the subs at 75db and was playing at -15db from reference.

    Also added two pair of M950i :D and the pair of M550i for the 5.1 multichannel for the DVD-A. All I can say is wow!! First off the 950i are big beefy cables, they sport a balanced wire system for bass, mid-range, and highs. I put the 950's on my mains, center, and sub channel, the 550i on my surrounds. I was immediately aware of much more clarity, especially in the mid and high range. My immediate impression from Hotel California DVD-A was that I was hearing more of each instrument. Switched over to Rumors and was aware of a keyboard piano playing that I had not noticed before, I would tell you wich track but was so lost in the music I am not sure but think it was The Chain. These cables only have a few hours on them after laying idle in the closet so after sometime they may get even better.

    Anyway, these were a good improvement for my rig, I had been using out of box type cables, so another believer is born.

    Mantis, thanks for helping me improve my system at a very reasonable cost. Everything came just as you said and in terrific like new state.:D ;) :)
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    Great review Reel - glad to see you are getting some excellent use out of Dan's "closet clean-out".

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    I'm so happy to read that.......Those wires are doing so much better in someones system then sitting collecting dust in the closet.

    I'm also happy to offer great deals to your guys and make believers out of yeah.Wire is a very cridical part of any given system.Without having heard what good cables can do for you,then you simply can't justify spending the money.

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