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    Default Recomendations for height speakers in 9.2 system

    First the back round.

    I have all rti speakers

    I was thinking either a3s or another pair of FXi6s.

    Any recomendations?

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    What 9.2 are you running? Are you using height channels? As for rears you can get away with 2-3 above ear level. I have mine roughly 4 feet above but tilted down on the listening postion and manually adjusted with a SPL meter. 9 channels should be rather intense. Hope your listening area is big enough to support such a setup. My room is 14x22 and I feel sometimes even a 5.2 arrangement would have been enough. YMMV.

    As for speakers I would run FXi series speakers as the side surrounds and a direct firing speaker in the back. As for your height channels again a nice bookshelf should do the trick, RTi6s come to mind.
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    Go with fxi 3 or 5

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    if i were you i would use center channels, they have a much wider dispersion then bookshelfs.

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