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    Default 150 watt speakers with parallel out?

    well, the title says it all really. I'm having trouble finding a set of 150 watt loudspeakers with parallel out. I'm designing a PA for a school assembly hall and it is essential that I get these speakers so any help would be appreciated.

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    you are talking like a passive non filtered output on the speaker itself, like in a pro speaker to daisy chain??

    Like active speakers have?

    Or are you talking about a jack type?

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    PA systems typically use 70 volts speakers meaning there is an isolation transformer which will allow you to connect multiple speakers in series or paralell since it doesn't affect the impedance in any way. However, 150 watts speakers for PA is rather unusual since smaller wattage speakers can be used due to a large amount speakers used through the room.

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    Sorted guys, I just split the audio signal into three stereo amps to give each speaker their own dedicated amplifier. Got 6 JBL Control 28s and 3 Crown XLS 202s. Lucky enough, I was able to budget for that.

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