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    Default What to do with my TSI300's?

    Here is what I'm working with.

    First off I have an Optoma HD20 projector and a 120" screen.

    Room is 17 ft. x 22 ft.

    However the seats are about 14 feet away from the screen with the rear of the room holding a full bar.

    (2) Polk Audio RTI A9 Front
    (1) Polk Audio CSI A6 Center
    (2) Polk Audio RTI A3
    (2) Polk Audio TSI 300
    (1) Polk Audio DSW microPRO 1000 Sub

    Should I run a 7.1 with my TSI300 as the rear sides and the RTI A3 as the rears? Or...I'm not sure if I should do this, but I know it would work. Run my RTI A9's and my RTI A3's as multiple fronts biamped with one set of speaker cables going to the RTI A9's and one set going to the RTI A3's to stick with the 5.1? I was going to get the FXI A6's as the rears but I couldn't pass up on the TSI 300's new as a pair for $200 compared to the $559 for the FXi's. I could really use some input! Also should i bump it up to a 5.2 or 7.2...would another sub benefit me?

    Thank you,


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    Don't run two pairs of front channels.

    All it will do is potentially create phasing and cancellation issues...and it won't really do anything to increase the sound quality. The RTiA9's are some very nice speakers, and are MORE than capable of conveying an accurate front sound stage.

    I'd use the RTiA3's as "side" surrounds...since they're timbre matched to the A9 front channels. The side surrounds are the more important pair of surrounds, and carry more of the surround information than the surround backs. Use the TSi300's as surround backs.

    Regarding the sub question...I'd invest in a single better sub, rather than a second MP1000. The A9's have got some great bass output all on their own, and your MP1000 is probably going to be struggling quite a bit just to keep up. I think you'd get a bigger improvement by moving up to something like a MP3000 or 4000, or possibly going with SVS, Epik, Velodyne or a number of other sub manufacturers.
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    Yeah I agree, you would be better off using the A3's as side surrounds and the tsi300's as backs. You would hear a lot more direct sound from the sides so you would want that timber matched to the rest of the setup. The backs you wont hear as much and get more ambient sounds so you can get away with them being a different series.
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