I am new to the Polk Club, and very new into home theater setups, so appologize if i am asking a basic question.

I have
Receiver : Onkyo 707,
Fronts : Polk Monitor 70
Rears : Polk Monitor 30
Center : CS10
SW : Polk PSW505
BR : Sony PS3
Subwoofer is connected with Filtered LFE input.

When i initially setup the system, I just ran Audyssey setup on the receiver and it configured the system and it was working perfect.
Now few days ago we had to turn off house main power switch, since then it is not wroking fine.
Subwoofer is running very low, no base at all.
Receiver is not swtiching modes i.e just staying on All channel for Bluray
I reran the Audyssey, I even factory reset the receiver and reran Audyssey still no resolution. SW cable is good, volume is set to more than half, When I run Audyssey it detects subwoofer.

How do I fix this, in short how to set this system up for optimal performance.

Any input is greatly appriciated.

Thanks alot