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    Default what am i doing wrong

    i have two mmats pro audio 15" 1000 watt subs hooked up to a PA1200.1, is this not enough power to get these to hit like they are suposed too? it doesnt seem like there is enough power. this amp was recomended by an installer. im starting to think he needs a different job....
    or am i missing something?

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    Try posting your question in the "On The Move" section.
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    Thanks Jesse, moved.
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    what kind of enclosure do you have?

    Assuming you have the amp wired down to 1 ohm, you'll have 600 watts for each sub. For me that would be more than enough.

    Have you had these subs wired to another sub? If your sub can handle up to 1000 watts, I would have probably went with a bigger amp.

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    Are those 4 ohm subs or 2 ohm or what? Even if theyre 4 ohms each, that would be 400 watts to each of them. While this aint enough to blow your windshield out, it would still easily be enough to do some serious pounding. Also, what is your gain set at?
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