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    Question how do you get subwoofer ouput when just running stereo setting on receiver?

    I like listening to music in regular 2 channel stereo but would like to have a bit more bass so i want my subwoofer to kick on but it wont, is there a certain setting i should have it on; on my receiver or a setting that should be turned on? Any suggestions would help thanks!

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    Make sure your sub is set to on in the settings in your receiver.
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    More details on which model receiver would help!
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    Quote Originally Posted by TNRabbit View Post
    More details on which model receiver would help!
    I think in the other thread the OP said he had a Pio SC-05?

    Check your AVR modes for listening.

    Some AVRs have a setting called "Pure Direct" or "Direct" which will pass only 2-channel audio to your front left and right outputs - the sub turns off.

    There is a different mode sometimes called "Straight" or "Stereo" which will allow you to keep your sub on.

    The difference is for Pure Direct or Direct, if you have an analog source, then the signal stays analog all the way thru the AVR and is not reconverted to digital and then back again inside the AVR using the AVR DACs.

    Some may prefer the signal to stay analog all the way thru to their speakers.

    But the trade off is - no sub output on the back of the AVR.

    If you don't mind the AVR doing the final D/A conversion then give up Pure Direct and live with Straight/Stereo.

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    alright that makes sense ill give that a try, thank-you!

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