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Thread: rm 6750 sound

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    Default rm 6750 sound

    Hello all,

    I have an Onkyo 603 receiver and the Polk rm 6750/51 series speaker set hooked up to it. I recently got a new TV and when I hooked everything up, I keep getting this muffled, short duration echo/sound after some deeper bass sounds. The sub is currently hooked up via the sub out connection, crossover on receiver is set at 120 and 160 on sub. I've gone through both manuals trying to figure out what the issue could be but can't seem to resolve it.

    Edit: The muffled sound generally happens immediately after a voice...similar to a hand wiping across a microphone.

    Also, is the sub volume something you can just set for both music and movies/tv, or should you be adjusting to what you are listening to?

    Thanks in advance.
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