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    Default 5.1 HT setup for small room

    Hi guys,

    Need some help in setting up a HT in one of my smaller rooms in my apartment.

    The room size is H-10.5', W-12.5', L-13.5'.

    Plan as of now:
    TV - 47" LED LCD
    Receiver - Denon 1910 (read a lot of good reviews about it and also gives the option of going 7.1 at a later stage)
    Speakers - Polk RTi A3 for front and rear and CSi A4 for center
    Sub - Polk PSW 125

    I'm just confused if i should be getting these speakers or scale it down to A1's because of the size of my room.

    I plan on having the viewing distance at around 9'.

    Can anyone please give any suggestions if this sounds like a good HT setup or it is too much for this size room.

    Thanks again in advance.

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    I fully support the RTia3s. From what I've heard, the 1's don't sound nearly as impressive.

    That being said, if you find yourself pressed for budget, you can also check out the RTi line, as they're quite similar and can be had for less.

    Welcome to ClubPolk! Look forward to hearing your impressions, and seeing photos!

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    Welcome to Club Polk.
    Given your room, I would say that RTiA1's for the side surrounds would be satisfactory and save you a few dollars.

    Main HT/2 ch:
    Pioneer SC-07, BDP-05FD, Emotiva XPA-5 x 2, XPA-1 x 2,
    Polk Audio LSi25, RTi12 x 2, LSi15 x 4, LSiC x 2, PSW1000 x 4,

    MB HT/ 2 ch:
    LG 47LM5800, Pioneer SC-1523, BDP-23FD, Sony BDP-S790, Emotiva XPA-2, XPA-5,
    Polk Audio LSi25,15, CSi5, LSiFX, PSW505 x 4

    Listening Room 2 ch:
    McIntosh MC122, MC162, MC202, C15, C41, C42, MA6500, MA6900, MCD201, MCD301, MR85, MX130, MX134
    Emotiva RSP-2, RPA-1, ERC-2
    Adcom GCD 750, GFP 750, GFA 5802
    Polk Audio LSi7,9, 15

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