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    Default Home theatre nut

    If i upgraded my polk tsi 200's, which i am using for the front left and right speakers, to the tsi 300's would there be a noticible difference in the sound. I use my system mainly for movies. All of my speakers are polks. I use tsi 100's for presence and for the extra speakers for the back left and right speakers, and also for the surround back left and right speakers. The cs10 for center channel and of course the tsi 200's for front left and right. My receiver is a yamaha rx-v663. I don't want to spend more money if the 300's won't make a difference in what i hear. Thank you in advance for any help. :)

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    The TSI-300s have a tad more bass extension that might be hearable but it's not going to blow you away difference wise. You'd need to get up to the TSI-500s to really hear a bigger fuller bass. I think you're good as you are if you have a good tight SUB.


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    I agree with CNH.

    I dont think that the 300's would be a sizable improvement. I would say the minimum upgrade i would recommend is the 400's, with the 500's being even better. What sub do you have now. This is a place that you would get a noticeable improvement.
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    Agreed with cnh and packetjones. I would probably recommend a second sub over upgrading the fronts. This is probably the best option for a "HT nut". However, if you use your system for a lot of 2 channel music, then I would recommend upgrading the fronts per other people's recommendation.

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