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    Default Amp Recommendations for Setup

    For one of my systems, I am currently running a 7.1 setup with the following pieces:

    2) Polk RTI150 front (biwired)
    1) Polk CSI40 center (biwired)
    4) Polk FXI50 rears
    1) Velodyne CHT15
    1) Onkyo TXSR805

    I am am wondering if it would be a good idea to add an amp to get more power to some, if not all the speakers? What kind of sound difference would I expect from adding an amp?

    I am looking for suggestions and recommendations on what type and brands would be best for my setup. Should I just power the fronts and center or all my speakers? How big an amp should I get (I realize the RTI150 are power hungry)?

    Also, I the manual I have at home shows the nominal impedance of the RTI150 is 4 ohms. However, the manula on the website shows 8 ohms. Can anyone confirm which is correct? Right now I have the reciever set with the 6 ohm setting (not sure why it's not listed as 8 and 4 in the menu like the manual/specs).

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    Welcome to Club Polk JS!

    I always recommend get at least a 200wpc @ 8ohms amp. This much will ensure that you have enough power to operate almost any speakers to their full potential now & in the future.

    I also think that you should get a 5 channel amp and be done with this particular upgrade. And while the 3 front speakers have the bulk of the duty, the rear speakers also benefit from more power.

    I started out with adding a Parasound 1500a 205wpc 2 channel amp, I liked it so much I then got an Outlaw Audio 200wpc monoblock for my ctr channel. I finally just got a 5 channel 405wpc Sunfire for all my speakers. I shouldn't need another amp ever so long as it doesn't break.

    You will hear greater clarity for both vocals & instruments, better seperation, & better bass. These are the biggest improvements I got when I got the amps.

    Basically, the more power you have the better your speakers will sound. You can't hurt them unless you go crazy with the volume knob.

    Brands to look at: New - Outlaw Audio & Emotiva

    Used from Audiogon: Parasound, Rotel, Sunfire, B & K, Adcom, & Nad are all highly recommended.
    Sunfire TGP III PrePro, Sunfire Cinema Grand Signature 405wpc 5 ch. Amp, Rotel RCD-1072 CDP, Onkyo TA2600 Tape Deck, Pioneer Elite 47-A DVD, Sony 32" XBR TV, Polk RTA-8T Main Speakers, Boston VR-920 Center Channel, Boston PV-600 Subwoofer, Polk DSW 400 Subwoofer, Polk FXi-3 Surround Speakers

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    Check for a lot of multi-channel amp options. If you're okay with used, it's a great resource.

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