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    Default Question about Digital Cables

    Ok, first of all to set things straight this is directed to cable believers; IE you believe that a quality cable will yield better results.

    So before I go on further, if you think it's all snake-oil then I ask that you refrain from commenting so it doesn't turn into a huge argument. If there's something you'd like to add that will help out, then by all means go ahead otherwise shut your face :D

    Now, when it came to HDMI a simple $5 dollar cable from monoprice always did the trick for me. Why's it any different when it comes to Optical/coaxial cables since they send signal in digital form as well? I'm not FOR or AGAINST, just a little confused on it and would like to hear what other's thoughts are on this. And if a quality digital cable can provide better quality, can the same be said for a USB cable when hooked up from a computer to let's say a Logitech Squeezebox/touch or even a Peachtree integrated?
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    I bought a USB cable from Kimber for my computer-to-Peachtree setup I have. I couldn't really hear a difference between the kimber and stock USB that came with it. I tend to be in the "cables matter for analog" camp, but i'm on the fence with digital cables (provided they meet minimal quality requirements).

    I have been meaning to try my stock usb cable again to see if i could hear a difference (for worse or not), but i haven't yet because i like my current sound.

    I emailed Signal Path to ask if they had a recommended USB cable (since i was curious what they'd say). The email reply from the customer service rep merely relayed some anecdotal recommendations (I.E. "I've heard Kimber makes a good USB cable").

    Conclusion: I like my Kimber USB cable (~$50 for 1m), but i'm not sure if it was leaps and bounds better. I was making a lot of changes at the time (got a new amp too and tried some Signal Cable analog ICs around the same time) and really can't pinpoint anything

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