I picked up some SDA-SRS 1.2's with sl3000 tweeters from the original owner this winter along with some other gear. The speakers are in very nice looking and sounding condition. I had planned to part out everything and make a few coins...however. I have been looking at the gimpod circuit boards and thinking they might make a nice project but I already have two other sets of sda's: an all original A1 with silver coil tweeters and some modified SDA-SRS blade blade which sound very nice...some plates and new connector wire coming from VR3 and some steel rings from Larry. The question is: do I keep the 1.2's and start a modification process or let them go down the road. I'm thinking they will bring 1k on the market as is so if I get 6 - 8 hundred more in them will I get it back. Thanks for your thoughts.