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    Default Sony STR-DH800 Bi-amp setup

    I have the sony STR-DH800 7.1 AVR and have it running on 5.1 I recently purchased the Polk TSI-400's for my front two speakers which can be bi-amped. Now I have read in some other threads on here that you cant/ shouldnt use the 2 open channels, not being used to bi-amp from the AVR, rather buy another amp(this is not currently in budget though). whats weird is on the sony web site under audio for the AVR it says Bi-Amp: yes. this leads me to believe that maybe it is possible to run 4 channels to the 2 speakers off the one reciever (or it is just saying you can connect another 2nd amp). The set up already sounds great as is but any improvment is always a plus. I will read the instructions closer but any help would be nice. thanks

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    The TSI line is pretty darn easy to drive,no need for bi-amping. When you bi-amp off the receiver,your still sharing the same power supply, which is why most will recommend seperate amps. Personally, You'd be waisting your coin bi-amping these, the benefit would be minimal at best. Just run them straight off the receiver and enjoy. Save your coin and move up the speaker chain when you can.

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    thanks brother, they already sound great as is, so good to know i shouldnt waste my time

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