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    Default TSi 300 alternate use?

    Just wondering again if this was possible. I haven't hooked them up yet, but I have a pair of TSi300's to be used as the front channel of a 5.1 surround with a DENON AVR 591 as the source. I believe that the 300's have provisions for bi-amping, but is it possible if I hooked up this system to run at 5.1 on the 'a' side for movies and such, and then be able to switch over to the 'b' side to just play cd's on the 300's? Can this be done without having to switch wiring? Not sure if I explained this correctly, but look forward to the feedback. Thanks.

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    The AVR will let you chose whether to listen to a 2-channel sources like CD's in simulated surround or in stereo; no need to switch any cables for that.

    Were you thinking to connect different sources to two pairs of terminals on TSi300? If so, the answer is NO. Those are simply different entry points into the crossover network, but both must be connected to the same source. Whether you connect one set with the included brass straps in place, or use bi-wiring/bi-amping that's a personal choice, but you cannot run two different sources to top and bottom terminals.

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    Don't understand what you're saying.

    1. You can run the TSI-300s in the Direct Audio mode in two channel with CDs on most don't have to switch anything there?

    2. If you bi-amp the 300s using the A/B connections on the Denon then you will ALWAYS have to run both A & B ON if you're going to hear both the woofers and the tweeters on your speakers--in both Direct and Surround modes!

    3. If you don't bi-amp. Then you can hook up the TSI-300s to the A connectors and a different pair of speakers to the B connectors for two channel if you want. Run the 300s with the surround system. Switch to B for 2 channel sound only?

    Hope this helps.


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