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    Default Rockford Fosgate t1000-1BDCP vs. Alpine PDX M6

    I want to power one Polk Sr125 SVC in a 1.35 sealed enclosure. What do you think would be a better choice a Rockford Fosgate t1000-1BDCP which is rated at 700rms 4ohms, or the new Alpine PDX M6 rated at 600rms at 4ohms. Im looking for loud but clean bass. The Alpine is slightly cheaper but I have never owned an Alpine amp before and don't know if they compare to the serious power I have experienced with rockford fosgate.

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    I'm a fan of pdx amp. Their small, clean, efficient, and under-rated. I heard some people had some issues with the s/n with the amps, but I never experienced this myself with any of the amps. Alpine said the second gen pdx address the s/n concerns. Anyways, I currently own pdx 2.150, 4.100, 4.150, 1.600, 1.1000, and the newer m12.

    I ran my sr124 in sealed 1.2ft^3 paired with the 1.600 (rated @ 760rms) for roughly a year. It kept up great with the sr5250s in active setup 124rms and even the 173rms. You can't get overwhelming stupid bass that you can feel every note, but it can get loud enough. I tend to play my system fairly loud (80% volume level), since I'm on the road quite a bit. The sub blended in with my front stage great and rarely ever over-powered them.

    Edit: All of the pdx are under-rated, so you should expect to net at least 700rms from the m6. My m12 netted 1430rms.
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