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    Default Dual Side Firing 10" or Front 12"?

    I am looking at purchasing a new subwoofer. I am stuck between the PSW505 and the PSW650. I have a 20' x 15' living room. Any suggestions?

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    Default Re: Dual Side Firing 10" or Front 12"?

    Originally posted by keyserpat
    I have a 20' x 15' living room. Any suggestions?
    Top Suggestion:

    SVS 20-39PC-Plus

    Other Great Alternatives:

    SVS 25-31PC-Plus

    HSU VTF-3
    HSU TN1220 HO
    HSU TN 1225 HO

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    or if you want to buld you own sub. you can do that for alot less than a store bought and still cheaper than svs but not that much.

    stryke av 12 or 15 175-200
    adrie audio tempest 150

    amp eather 120 for a 250 watt or 220 for a 380 watt

    parts woild very depending how you buld and how you finish and what tools you need.

    or i would recomend a svs the numbers posted by fell club polk members they look awsome for their price.
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    DIY subs might be (retardedly) difficult for a beginner. SVS gets my vote.

    If you want to go DIY and you aren't very knowlegeabe or handy, I think PartsExpress has a $350 sub that comes in kit form. All the stuff is there, and the cabinet is allready finished.

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    I first bought a PSW450 (front-firing 12") to go with my system.... it did not impress me. I noticed some distortion with this one when I tried to push it to perform at the same volume as my front speakers were capable of. I did not have a big living room and was staying in an apartment with a short ceiling so the bass was even amplified by the echoes off the wall, yet there was not enough boom for me. After reading reviews I upgraded to the PSW650... and boy do I love this one:D The larger sub will especially come in handy in that huge living room. The sound from the dual subwoofers is so much more full, and I just can't push it hard enough. Not to mention the shiny finish, the volume control on the front of the sub, and the fact that it automatically turns itself on. I love it. Look around to find a good deal on one, I bought mine off of the classifieds in audioreview for $405!

    Anyway, buy a PSW650, you won't regret it.

    p.s. If you are still interested in a 12" front firing, I still have that PSW450.

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