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    Question MM6501UM Speaker Question

    I am re-wiring four MM6501UM speakers in my boat. I had a lot of static in one channel and thought that it was the Alpine amp. I sent that in, and after 3 months finally got it back from Alpine who stated there was nothing wrong with the amp.

    My question:

    I have noticed that the negative terminal on these speakers is smaller (not as wide) as the positive terminal. I have also noticed that one of my new connections was loose on the negative terminal.

    1. Are you supposed to use different connectors for the negative terminals, or just crimp the ones that fit the positive terminal down so that they grab the smaller terminal more tightly? If it is a different connector, any idea what size?

    2. Could a loose negative speaker wire have been causing static, hissing, and popping noises from the speaker?

    Thanks for the help,


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    I just realized that I probably posted this thread in the wrong location. I will copy it to the mobiel audio thread, as that is probably more accurate. I would delete it here, but I don't know how.

    Admin or Moderator, can you delete this thread for me. The edit button is no longer available to me.


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