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    Default New Sub From Outlaw On It's Way!!

    If you're in the market for a new sub, check this out. Got it today in the Outlaw newsletter.

    "Sneaking in under the competition’s radar, the Outlaws announced a second new product in San Francisco. Perhaps the most frequently asked question we receive that does not deal directly with our own products is “What type of speakers do you recommend for use with Outlaw electronics?” Very shortly we’ll be able to have a new answer to that question when it comes to one category of speakers, subwoofers.

    On view for the first time at the HE Show was Outlaw’s first speaker product, our Low Frequency Module, better known now as the LFM-1. Many of you know that the Outlaws have considerable experience in the world of speakers, and we’ve brought that knowledge to bear on the LFM-1. However, just to make sure that we have all bases covered, we engaged Dr. Po Ser Hsu, world renowned for his subwoofer designs and technology, to work with us on the LFM-1.

    This is also a totally new, totally Outlaw, totally unique product, based around a 12-inch die cast driver in combination with a 350 watt amplifier and a downward firing, ported cabinet design. The result is a combination that is projected to deliver over 115 SPL from 20 Hz to 100 Hz. The unit weighs in excess of 75 pounds so it is unlikely to move, but we advise you to secure all other fragile objects in your listening room, as the LFM-1 will literally shake the house!

    Working with Dr Hsu, we chose a 25 Hz system design. When room gain is taken into account and proper placement of the LFM-1 is made, the unit will be flat to 20 Hz,

    As with the RR 2150, we’re still a bit away from delivery, as the first shipments of the LFM-1 are planned for some time this fall. However, since we know that many of you plan your upgrades in advance, we decided to announce the LFM-1 at this time so that you may consider it for future system use.

    The price for this remarkable subwoofer will be under $600. In the true Outlaw tradition, this will make the LFM-1 a tremendous value unmatched by anything even close to that price.

    We’ll provide more details on the LFM-1 on the web site in a week or so, along with pictures of the model that was displayed in San Francisco."
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    Sounds like it will compete directly with the SVS PB1-ISD.

    Good move retaining Dr. Hsu - he is among the top subwoofer designers in the field.

    Selecting a 25 Hz tune and using room gain is a smart idea, and actually allows louder playback.

    I wouldn't be surprised is the woof is sourced from Hsu or TC-Sounds, or possibly Adire Audio.

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