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    Default old sansui speakers

    I recently picked up a pair of sp1500 speakers to mess around with. I want to practice soldering new caps etc into the crossovers and then give them to my daughter.

    The caps that are in there are 2.2uf 25v, 6.8uf, 22uf,47uf, all bi-polar. I was going to buy daytons or sonicaps, but when I looked up the bi-polar caps at parts express there was a review that said " if your speakers have these capacitors in them they can't handle anything better" .

    Could someone that knows more than me about this stuff ( that would be all of you!!) let me know if that is the case and explain why? The bi-polar caps are dirt cheap but I don't mind spending more if I can use daytons etc. thanks!

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    Go ahead and do it. They will sound different, better is in the ear of the listener. AND it'll be good practice with the gun. I'd use the dayton caps as the sonicaps are a little more coin.
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    Go for it, but Sonicaps would be a waste in your speakers. Use the Daytons.
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    I was leaning towards the daytons , don't want to spend much on them.:)

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    I did the same thing when I started playing with crossovers. I had an old pair of Fisher three ways with the white ten inch woofers and cone tweets and upgraded the crossovers and internal wiring. They sounded so much better afterward. Still vastly inferior to the Polks but better than they ever did before. I was able to do an AB comparison on them since I had two pair of the darn things. Ah youth. Wasted on the young. I use them outside in the summer for BBQ's. No need to hurt the Polks with to much sun and heat.

    I would say go Daytons as well. Sonicaps are overkill.

    Look forward to your review of them.
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