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    Default Anticipating being a happy new Polk owner.

    So this weekend the wife and I bought something for ourselves, something we haven't done much of over the last few years...

    Background: We upgraded our receiver and bought a HDTV when our prior pair both died last fall...
    So I have a Denon AVR-790.
    Love it.
    Don't laugh at me, but it is currently driving the following speakers:
    Mains: 2 Cerwin Vega D-1 loudspeakers, circa 1988! (Purchased when I was young and working for Uncle Sam)
    Surrounds: KLH center/rear surr.
    Sub: Aiwa (eek) powered sub, about 10 years old.

    This weekend we discovered the Newegg sale on Monitor 60's.
    So we ordered a pair. While we were at it we went ahead and ordered the CS10 center, PSW-10 sub and Monitor 30s for the surrounds.

    So, am I in for a culture shock or what? :) All these years we've enjoyed the CW's, but I have a sneaking suspicion that we are going to be amazed by the difference, even with just the mains upgrade, especially at lower volumes.

    UPS shows delivery will be today, so I am watching the minutes tick by at work. Can't wait to hook em up and run Audacity and see what we've done :)
    I have older 10 or 12 ga monster cable for the mains and center and will install banana plugs tonight.

    Any tips on setup with the 790?
    Run Audacity and then tweak levels as needed?
    Any tips on break-in?
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    The polks might sound a little softer but then listen to a song with a womans voice in it and see if she doesn't sound right with the new polks.

    Also with breakin , female voices will sound even silkier. The way they should sound.
    Most people just listen to music and watch movies . I am glad to be a part of a select group that tries to take our auditory and visual senses to a higher level: we EXPERIENCE them.... GOT SDA?...GOT SUNFIRE? ...GOT Maggies?

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    You are definitely in for a treat! Denons can be a bit of a pain to set up....but they sound good with Polk speakers!

    Enjoy your new system!


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    Default Welcome...

    I am a newbie myself.This board is a wealth of info and has already saved me time and money.Enjoy your system. Eddie

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