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    Default Sub selection for music: PSW125 vs Klipsch SW350

    Shopping for a sub for my brother, we can get a good deal on either the Polk PSW125 or the Klipsch SW350, at about the same price.

    I've heard the klipsch at Best Buy, and the thing is a beast for being an 8". However when you really crank it up w bass heavy music, it flutters a quite a bit. I've never heard the PSW125 at all..

    I know a sealed sub is generally regarded as being better for music, and with the way my bro cranks his system up, wish there were a nice sealed for the price we are getting these at... that however isnt gonna happen..

    So just looking for opinions. He'll be doing 90% music, maybe 10% movies. Broad range of genres, lotta rap, lotta metal.

    Thanks for any input.
    Components in The Rack:
    Yamaha RX-V765 7.1 AVR
    Sony TA-N511 (from 765 to 500s)
    Fender BXR Dual Bass 400 (from 765 to sub)
    Xbox 360 w HDDVD
    Pioneer BDP-51
    MA PD-915R Power Strip
    Monster HTS-1650

    L/R- Polk TSI-500 Cherry, 12awg in place of jumpers
    C- Polk CS20 Cherry
    SRs- Polk TSI-100 Cherry
    Sub- Kicker S12L5, vented box

    Sony VPH-1252Q
    75" 16:9 DIY BO Cloth Screen

    Not running:
    Crown Straight Line Two
    Crown Power Line Four
    Pioneer PD-F908

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    Oppo BDP-103
    Music Hall MMF 2.1
    Polk RTi70
    Polk CSi40
    Polk Fx300i
    Polk CSi30 (rear center)
    Polk PSW404 (looking to replace)

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    Some of those Elemental Design subs are good bass for the money. If you want to stay with Polk and not spend too a PSW505 (older model) on sale lots of place for 250 (like I'd say that it's at least 'better' than the PSW125 or the Klipsch. Not a great sub, but definitely 'good enough' for your purposes. In any case the Polk PSW125 is better than the 8" Klipsch!


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