i guess i must be in the 300 hour zone....for awhile i was wishing for BASS! to make that worse i went to a friends party. he had a sub pumping out low bass..the kind i wasn't getting...

don't get me wrong, tho....the mids and high-end are superaltive:)

i rolled in some new/old tubes...some GE 12au7 from 1945...they improved things, but not LOW down..

then i went to play a concert dvd and could barely hear anything..i e'd aric, the maker of the pre..he confirmed that i should adjust the trim on the back of the unit..

there was alot of twisting to be had before i had any distortion...then holy cow! i got me some BASS!!:D and some highly active SDA action! this is what i've been waiting for...now, it seems like a 200+ wpc system! it's loud and very clear and sounds like it's all over the place! Yahooooo!

get this mod done to your 2B's....you'll have no regrets