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    Default Pre-amp to Amp connection issues NAD 2200 amp/1155 pre

    Need some help please--( Im new at this!) Bought a NAD 2200 Amp at a "garage sale" and a NAD 1155 Pre from this site. Using DCM Timeframe TF 600 speakers . Preamp seems to work fine ( headphones produce sound and I HAD sound but ....When I first connected the preamp to the amp using the 'normal' output/input jacks I had NO SOUND. After switching audio cables and monkeying with the connectors and inserting the audio cables repetedly into amp jacks I got sound ! My thought was prehaps some old unused for years jacks could develop some corrosion or oxidation.
    Today I got only sound from one channel for a minute or so then again no sound. So --no sound to full sound back to no sound -- help me please!:(
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    You might want to try cleaning the rca's with caig or something like it.Be sure to clean pre and amp,,and insides (rca connectors) as well--unplugged of course.good luck.

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    George is right.Clean all connection with a cleaner or 90% alcohol and small type q-tips inside the RCA connections. Oxcidization is common when things sit around for a long time. Unplug your unit. Good luck..

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    Default Updates on problem

    Thanks for help ! All I had around house was 75% Rubbing Alchohol so did the q tip thing and got sound...BUT having random issues. The left speaker came on immediately- right one with 30 sec delay. Turned off system and turned it on again no sound at all....left it on and both speakers came on in 20 minutes! Seems to have a mind of its own! I have been playing it for hours. Something is strange here. thanks to all who have given advice

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    That 2200 was a and still is a great amp. It's worth getting it looked at. Is it the 2200 PE?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Harrym View Post
    George is right.
    that may be the first time for GD, ya think???

    when it comes on is the sound distorted, since you did not say, I guess it sounds nice? Since you say your new at all of this, beyond popping the top, looking for something very obvious and blowing things clean with some canned air, make sure your wire connecting the two is making a good ground, you might want to have it checked it out, dont grab onto those round looking things (capacitors) they hold a charge. The NAD 2200 have a working value of around 200 bucks give or take, they are nice sounding amps and that preamp is a great little pre with alot of nice features, I have an 1130 that still does "back-up" duty when needed.

    Anyway, sometimes when things sit around unused something called a cold weld can happen to the soldered joints.

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    I have the NAD 2200 and NAD 1155 preamp, both bought within the last year used of course from ebay. Upon hooking it all up, i too had intermittent channel issues which apparently is common with this equipment. After doing some google research I stumbled across a repair shop in New York that specializes in repair and upgrade of vintage equipment, and specifically did have a writeup on the NAD gear.

    I sent both the power and preamps to them and to sum it up...WOW...amazing. I favor 'neutral' sound rather than 'west coast' boomy bright but i cannot recommend these upgrades enough. The power amp was 175 to upgrade the preamp was 250. I have the entry level magnepan speakers which were 6 hundo off the internet with 30 day trial (no brainer), and spent the $$ on some 8' of Kimber Kable.


    It sounds amazing for the money.

    PS Wayne at stereo repair told me to use the "High" output on the preamp rather than the "normal".

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    It probably just needs a good cleaning. Whenever I buy old equipment, I plug it in and let it warm up for a few hours, then move it directly to the dishwasher. I've got one that has some jet type sprayers in the back for "tough grime", I find that using that setting works best.

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