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Thread: PSW 303 Popping

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    Default PSW 303 Popping

    I have a Yamaha HTR 5660 receiver with RM6700 and a PSW 303. I bought the system in January and haven't had the problem until recently. if you are familiar with the Yamaha receiver, I had the volume at -30, about 1/4 of the actual capability. Keep in mind, this is pretty loud, but not loud enough to blow the subwoofer. I had an audio cable directly from the receiver to the subwoofer LFE unfiltered and I just switched it to the recommended solution with RM speakers of running the front speakers thru the subwoofer and setting the front LR to large. Still popping. Am I asking too much of this subwoofer or is there something I can do? I read a bunch of messages hear about popping but that seems to be the PSW 202 instead of the 303. Any help would be mucho appreciado.


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    Thanks for posting on the Forum. Can you please tell me where you have the volume set on the back of the sub-woofer? Do you have the knob set at 10:00 o'clock or 2:00 o'clock, for example?
    Regards, Ken

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    I am in need of the same assistance here; O.P, did you ever figure out what the problem was? I posted my EXACT dilemma in a new thread in this section of the forum.

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