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Thread: TSI400s or 500s

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    Default TSI400s or 500s

    Any opinions out there on whether i should get TSI400s or 500s? I'm buying a PSW125 and not sure if i need the extra bass of the 500s. They will be used primarily for movies.

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    For movies I'd say the 400s would be fine. That being said, for two-channel music I've heard the 500s and 400s together and there's no comparison: the 500s are significantly 'bigger and more detailed' speakers. I was unhappy with the lack of depth in the midrange of the 400s, but once again, that's for music. Stick with the 400s for HT and I think you'll be very happy, and you should definitely pair them with the CS20 center channel. Don't skimp on the center. Hope that helps!
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    I had a pair of the 500's and was very satisfied with their sound in all respects.

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    I have 400's with a PSW505 and a center CS20. I use them mostly for TV/Movies and games (Rock Band). I am very happy with them, the PSW505 provides all the bass I'll ever need and compliments the 400's nicely.

    I have not been able to turn the volume up more than 3/4 on my receiver because it gets so loud, in a good way.

    Good luck.

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    For movies, the 400's with a sub will probably do you fine. For music however, I think your best option would be the 500's.

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