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    Default [HELP] Subwoofer Identification

    This is a last resort as I have already exhausted every other available avenue of research available to me. The only thing I know about these subs is that they are 15's, my brother got them a few years back (5 or so I think), the box was hand built, had a Pyramid Royal Blue 1600w (I actually believe it was more like a 500w amp, because there was only 1 30a fuse on the amp) amp (which I blew 1 week after getting it, crappy amp is crappy).

    There are absolutely no markings, apart from a serial number, or model number, on the magnet of the amp, however doing a search for it pulls up nothing but Earth Wind Fire tickets for sale. I can go look at the number again if needed, but it was EWFxxxxxD if I recall, where the x's are numbers.

    Heres a pic, and yes they still work.
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