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Thread: Dark Blue

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    Default Dark Blue

    Got a copy yesterday from BB along with a 80 gig External HD, probably don't have time to see it until saturday, anyone seen this movie yet? please share your review...
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    still haven't watch it, but look like it's a good movie, here is the review from HT:

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    I rent it, DD 5.1 surround quality is great! Storyline is predictable, a poor man 'Training Day' version, it's entertaining though. I was hoping the LA riot scenes to be more extensive, but it wasn't. IMO, not worthy of owning, but that's just me.
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    I like Kurt Russell and his acting...but I was sorely disappointed in this movie. Yeah the soundtrack was nice, I thought the movie was overly predictable...not just predictable...and a thin storyline....need more of somthing........a lot of somthing.
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