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    Default Yamaha RX-V667 for LC60i Speakers?

    Quick question re: new Yamaha RX-V667 if anyone has any input. I have an installer recommending this receiver to drive 5 in-ceiling Polk LC60i speakers. My concern is those speakers are 4-ohm speakers.

    Also adding DSW-Pro 600 for sub.

    Any feedback on whether this receiver is capable of driving 4-ohm speakers?


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    Well I would suggest downloading the manual if online specs don't tell you. I know my RX-V663 gives the option of 8 ohm or 6 ohm if you start the receiver in advanced setup mode. Once you set the option to "6 ohm minimum", The manual says 4 ohm speakers can be used as fronts if you're connecting one set (A). If you connect 2 sets of fronts (A and B), the speakers should be 8 ohms. Center and surrounds should be 6 ohms minimum.

    I'm not sure how much of this has changed (I need to look at the 667 manual) since the 663, but if it is the same I dunno that I'd hook up all 4 ohm speakers.

    I've read elsewhere (general remarks on 4 ohm speakers and av receivers) that 4 ohms + should be ok. But I'm not expert... :)
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