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    Default It's a Great Father's Day!

    And I haven't even got a single gift yet! My kids are still asleep and I'm letting the wife snooze for a few more minutes. Working on my second mug of coffee and thinkinking about how blessed I am. Like all father's I think that I have the best kids in the world, and am double blessed for having a wonderful supportive wife that keeps me sane, happy, and pointed in the right direction.

    As far as I'm concerned Fathers Day is all about being thankfull for the opportunity to be a dad! I get a special gift every morning when my kids wake up in the morning with a bright smile and an innocent view of the world around them. I count my blessings when my 10 year old son gives me a hug before i head out the door to work, and askes with anticipation "When will you be home Dad?" I am filled with emotion when my 7 year old daughter giggles at some lame old joke that I've heard or told a thousand times sends her into hysterics, I'm amazed that after all these years my wife still thinks I'm an attractive guy!

    So it's a quite Father's Day morning so far, but the little rug rats will be up soon, climbing all over me. They're supposed to make my breakfast today! Someday I'll try to explain that everyday is Fathers Day, but not today. Today I'll let them celebrate, I've got 364 more days to celebrate than they do. Damn I'm lucky!

    To all of you fathers out there, or fathers to be.....

    Happy Fathers Day....Go hug your kids and kiss your wife....They deserve it! :)
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    Well said Frank. I'm in the same boat. It does make you feel blessed.
    Happy Fathers Day to all

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    I wanted to sleep in but was my daughter decided to jump in bed with me and give me a bunch of kisses. Best part about it is she is still too young to know about fathers day.

    Best present I could have received but the wife also took care of me:D plus I received some new/old cd's. Barry white and the Best of Chicago. I'll go with Barry while Nascar is is on the big screen. I can taste the beer now.


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    Today I got my first Happy Father's Day comment, from my mother-in-law. (Even though the baby isn't due for 3 months!)
    Sure put a smile on my face though. But if I would have heard someone say that to me 3 years ago, I would have probably shot myself:)


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    My cat bought me a weed wacker for Father's Day...that lil' bastard.... ;)

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