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    Default New Santon 881S stylus or denon? new cartrige/stylus.

    I need a new stylus for Stanton 881S cartridge.
    Below was a link I saved from months ago.It shows 2 $ ranges. I'm frugal remember but the one I broke sraightening out the needle shaft was a D81 stylus...(50.00)
    this company offers an upper escellon needle for ($80)..The D81S stylus with a finer diamond.

    Hearingimpaired, I know you know you TT stuff and I think you said a Denon 160 or 90 or something like that woud work on a technics sl1200 mk2. My player is a sl1400mk2 with cherry sides and more classy looking to the dj models.

    I think the denon whole deal was 90.00 or 115.55 or so..??

    Would you, Hearingimpaired give your suggestion andany body else who know my predicament ,please at to his thouts. I'm at a stage to get that tt up into a permanent spot on my rack system or close to it for a long time to come now.
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    Hi Tony M.

    IMHO.... May I suggest a Grado Cartridge. USA made.

    it is ..of course.. your own personal decision.

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    I have a pickering xsv3000 which if I am not mistaken is the stanton 881s. I used the white stylus from ebay. I got it for a tempory fix until I had the cash for the $80 one. But in all honesty the $20 stylus isnt that bad. Even my dad who has a 881s with a factory stylus was impressed with the sound for the cost.
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