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Thread: Attic Fans

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    Default Attic Fans

    This is post number two

    Just got my utility bill in July

    WOW people -- seriously, everyone with 90-100 degree+ summers go out and buy one of these NOW..

    Seriously, first month you will make it all back.

    We have several 100+ degree temperature days and even with all of that my utilities are less than last month!!


    Last month the difference paid for the fan, this month I made a profit.

    Everyone do this, its worth it. /////

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    Which one did you get?
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    I grew up with a whole house attic fan in Colorado. We had it set on a timer, every summer night about 9pm my dad would turn it on and within an hour the upstairs was ready for comfortable sleeping. One of the keys is having a base ment to pull the cool air up from.

    In my previous house here in Oregon I had one put in along with an exhaust fan. Without a basement it took a lot long to cool things off. But still, a worthwhile investment.
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    Air movement is the key to keeping a house cool. Making sure you don't block your vents in your attic will help even if you dont have a fan.
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    Do you face it to suck in air or blow it out?

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    I have the 1200 cu ft model with a thermostat.

    You direct it to blow air out /////

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    We have a 1926 house with plaster walls (makes putting ducts in a nightmare),
    and steam radiator heat, therefore we have no air conditioning.
    A 30" whole house fan in the attic (pulls air into the attic from its floor and out a vent
    in the roof and a window in the attic) does wonders.
    During the summer, we turn it on in the am until outside temp is greater than inside temp,
    and turn it back on again in the early evening when outside temp falls to about the same as
    or lower than inside temp , and off again overnight for quieter sleep.
    On a few real scorchers, we leave it on overnight as well.
    I think the fan is rated about 4000 cfu on low and 6,000 cfu on high, although the
    vents in our roof don't allow that much flow unless we open a dormer window as well.
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