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    Talking matching speakers

    what does everyone think makes a more balanced sound?

    my plan is RTI A5 towers

    I'm not sure if I the CSI A6 or A4 sounds better with them. I guess are the A6 to much speaker with the RTI A5

    and for surround in a 5.1 what speaker matches the sound best with these?

    RTI A1 or A3
    or the FXI A4 or A6
    I was also thinking about the OWM 5's

    the surround is going to be mounted about 12 feet up on the walls like stated in my other post

    Such a nice dilemma I find my self in

    thanks again

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    I have a CSI5 (CSI A6's predecessor) as my center for my RTIA5s and they I think they go together just fine. Frequency wise the A6 will dig a little deeper than the A4. No comment on the surrounds, I only have a 3.1 speaker set up.

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