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    Long ago and far away I bought 4 ex502 for my car. This was my first install and it sounded good. No sub, no amps, just replaced factory headunit with mid-fi Pioneer and redid factory speakers. Now I am adding a sub and amp and I have a pair of ex2500 tweets. I would really like to utilize them up front, but my 502s already have tweets in them. What to do?

    I'm a home audio guy, all polk home theater, so I try to apply the same ideas to car audio. Wouldn't imaging be bad w/ 2 tweeters firing from different locations? They are roughly the same distance from the ear at least.

    What if I were to disable the ex502 tweeter, I really don't want to cut the wire, I might just put some sorta cap on it. If i got a high pass filter that matched the same as what is on the 502's tweeters, would that make up the difference?


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    You can disconnect the tweeters by simply unsoldering the capacitor that connect the tweeter from the input terminals.
    The other option would be to keep the tweeters in tact and install a series resistor in line with the EX2500's so it won't be too bright sounding. Try a 4 to 8 Ohm power resistor for this application. If you are not sure of the value you will need,
    then use a variable potentiometer. Dial in the level, then measure the resistance with your Ohm Meter. Then go but that value fixed resistor. Make sure that the resistor is rated for at least 10 to 25 Watts.

    Happy High Frequencing!!

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