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    Default Anybody see Petty in Philly this past weekend?

    man, was it loud!!! But, the mixing was good so it did sound decent except the vocals could have been better in some songs. Crowd was really into it...that was the most I've heard the audience sing at a concert.

    Buddy Guy opened and can still tear up a guitar at his age. ....and a thanks to the fine young gentlemen(before 1 of them was escorted out) in the row in front of us for the contact buzz!

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    s0unds like a great time........Buddy will live to be 100 & still play ...god bless

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    I saw Buddy Guy up in Hampton Beach last year, that guy is amazing. Even for a YOUNG guy he'd be amazing, for septegenarian he's double plus amazing.

    Tom Petty puts on a good show too, glad you enjoyed it.
    If you will it, dude, it is no dream.

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    My girlfriend and her friend went and they both said it was a good show. I've seen him before and honestly, I don't think he's ever put on a bad show. Even Pierre said it was a spectacular show.
    You're just jealous 'cause the voices don't talk to you!

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