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    Default Setup Suggestion for LSi System

    Hi , I am going to replace my RTi system with LSi in next few days. I am quite happy with my RTi system but want to replace it with LSi as many people were giving high ratings for LSi system. Want to know optimum way to set my system. I also have a Powered Subwoofer and since LSi25 have build in woofers, need advice on setting up my subwoofer as well. Thanks for your support.

    Front :LSi25
    Center: LSIc
    Surround: LSiFX
    Sub: Polk DSW 4000
    Receiver: OnkyoTX NR-808 (135W/Channel)
    Amplifier: Emotiva XPA-5

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    I'd strongly consider the 15's with a sub. I know that's not really the advice you're looking for, but thought I'd throw it out there anyway. No personal experience, but I hear that it's sometimes difficult to integrate the 25's with a sub. Hopefully you can get some good advice from some 25 owners.

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    im still thinking about getting some LSi 25 and have a Sub. would like to know too about how to hook them up.

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    Default What about the new LSI series???

    Not sure when to go on sale to the public but that could be one option.On the other hand,with the new line coming out there could be some great deals on the existing series. Eddie

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    +1 to the 15's with a sub idea... the '25's were to boomy iMHO.
    The Gear... Carver "Statement" Monoblocks, Polk Audio "Signature" Reference Series 1.2TL with complete mods, Polk audio AB700/800 "in-wall" surrounds, Dodd Audio MLP, Pioneer Elite SC-65, Peachtree I-DAC, Oppo BDP-93, Yamaha PX-3 Turntable, with Sumiko BPS EVOIII, Pioneer PDD 9MkII SACD Player, SimAudio moon 110lp phono preamplifier

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