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    Default 12vDC trigger-Outlaw 1050 AVR to Parasound HCA 1000


    It is unclear to me how to set up my Outlaw 1050 AVR to automatically turn on my external amp. The Outlaw has a 12vDC trigger output using an 1/8" mini jack. The Parasound amp has a terminal board marked DC trigger with two screw terminals marked +12v and GND. Should I just cut one jack off an 1/8" mini jack cable and connect bare wires to the amp or is there another device that I am missing? I bought both these components used off CL.

    5.1 System:
    Sharp Aquos 37" LCD
    Front: SDA-CRS+
    Center: CS400i
    Surround: Monitor 7A
    PSW10 subwoofer
    Onkyo PR-SC886P Pre/Pro
    NAD T955 5 channel power amplifier
    Technics SL-1710 MK2 turntable
    Audio-Technica AT14Sa cartridge
    NAD 106 pre-amp
    Panasonic DMP-BD85 Blu-Ray
    MacBook Pro 2.16 GHz

    2.0 Office System:
    Monitor 10A (Peerless)
    Outlaw 1050 receiver
    Parasound HCA-1000A power amp

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    You got it. Just make sure the polarity is correct. IIRC the center is positive and sleeve is gnd, but the best thing to do is to cut off one end, make sure the bare wires are not shorting and check the polarity with a multimeter on dc voltage setting. After you are sure which is positive, connect those ends to the amp.

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    Thanks anonymouse, I will pick up a cable next time I am out.



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