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    Default Is it bad or good when you have to do math to make sure...

    ...your big ass speakers and big ass amps won't blow the circuit breaker(s) they're hooked up to?

    Or is it a kind of double-edge sword thing?

    'Cause even though they are on a circuit with nothing else on it except a couple of other unused outlets, I'm wondering if the Silver 7t's are gonna draw too much being strapped up to ALS's.

    Then again, I doubt I would ever drive them hard enough to require the full power consumption levels. But nearest I can tell, ALS's are 4 ohm speakers and on that load, the Silver 7t's can push out over 900 watts each on a full-tilt boogie. That's a butt-ton of draw and I'm not even sure a single, standard 120V house circuit could handle one amp.

    I was running them pretty well with no real issues previously but the environment dictated lower listening levels otherwise the natives revolted. I'm gonna hook them up anyway and see how they do. I guess I'm just worrying out loud.

    Sucks this thing I've gotten myself in to here. An embarrassment of riches of a sort. I mean, I can always run a second dedicated line and run an amp off of each line. I'm just not really sure if that would handle it. I'm almost tempted to run a 240V outlet and get a 2500VA UPS/line conditioner. But that would be expensive.

    Anybody have any applicable experience?
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    you mean to say that that plug thing on the wall there has some sort of limit?


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