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    Default How is the new CSNY 1974 box set?

    I was just wondering if anyone has picked up the new CSNY 1974 box set and, if so, what you think of it.

    I was at the local mall yesterday and stopped at FYE and saw it there. It is an impressive looking box set and it gets good reviews on amazon.

    I am thinking of buying it and wonder if anyone here has heard it. How does it sound?


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    Sounds like one I need to pick up. Thanks for letting me us know about it. I'd be interessted in hearing others' thoughts on it for anyone who has listened to it.
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    80 or 90 pages on it over at Hoffman forum. Just bumped the thread for ya.
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    Every music release gets 90 pages on Hoffman!
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    I picked it up on Amazon and got a chance last week to listen to it and watch the DVD. You can nit-pick the individual songs they selected, however overall as a representative collection of the groups work, it is very good. It seemed to be well mastered based on some of the comments I have read about how the tapes were recorded. I would give it my recommendation.
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