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    Default Mini-review of Bowers & Wilkins P5 headphones

    These are designed for the iPhone, with a volume control/mic combo, but also come with a standard cable. Changing this cable is a very simple task; just pop off the magnetically held ear pad, and swap the cable. This also allows you to use longer cables and/or any 1/8" cable of your choice.

    As for the sound, I prefer it over my previous favorite headphones, the 10 in ear monitors. The bass retains all of the depth, but loses the overbearing presence I found in the's. Instead, this is a much more balanced sound. The high frequencies are also more extended that my previous favorites. High-end is very detailed and crisp while avoiding harshness. I also like that these phones are also sound suppressing, but not sound cancelling, avoiding all the extra processesing of the Bose or other sound cancelling phones. And as with all good phones, these will reward you for high-quality sources, though they don't seem to punish you quite as much when you're using something less that the highest available bit-rate or listening directly to a CD.

    Where these suffer is as with nearly all cord mics, a lot of background noise or wind will make conversations tricky. It's possible, but you might find yourself holding the mic closer to your mouth or just pulling out the cable to talk directly into the phone. I've had this problem with every cable-mounted mic I've tried, and have yet to find one that's even close to as clear as my Jawbone when allowed to just hang by the cable.

    Finally, I was able to briefly compare these to a couple of Sennheiser and Grado mid-line models, and prefered these to any of the others. So for ~300, especially if you have an iPhone but dislike in ear monitors, these should be on your audition list. Or if you're just looking for a good set of headphones that are very comfortable over extended listening sessions, with the standard 1/8" cable, these still deserve a listen.
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    Great review. Glad you enjoy them and it's nice you got to compare it with other cans. Enjoy.
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