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    Default 2.1 channel help

    I have 2 questions.

    1. I currently have a 2channel analogue connection between a cd player and a harman kardon receiver.Will I be using the DAC's in the receiver with this connection. If not, what is the function of my current setup?

    2. If I wanted to hook up an xbox360 to my 2channel receiver with speakers, how can I do so to use the DAC's in the receiver? My receiver does not have any optical or coaxial connections.

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    1. If the CD is using RCA connectors (red and white) to go into the receiver, then the signal is already analog and no DAC will be used (unless you're using the equalizer, then it goes through a conversion).

    2. If you have an optical or HDMI output from the Xbox, then it goes through a conversion. Otherwise, if you are using the RCA connectors out of the Xbox just like the CD player, you can just plug those connectors into the receiver like you did the CD player and it will work just fine.

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    So if the signal is analog between the xbox and receiver does the receiver make the quality of sound better then if I was just to use logitech speakers hooked up to a 360?

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    What receiver are you using ? The only way to use the dac in the receiver is to have a digital connection going into it from whatever source your using. Normaly, a receiver that receives an analog signal just passes it along unless your using those funky modes like jazz or cinema, then it just colors the signal with a different brush. Sorry,just saw you stated your receiver doesn't have any digital....or coaxle inputs ? How can that be if your cd player is hooked up by analog ? How about a model number for the receiver chief.

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