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    Default Help with hooking up DSW Micropro 2000

    I just purchased the Micropro 2000 and need help hooking it up to my old Onkyo SVS515Pro. The receiver does not have a dedicated subwoofer out. I have a TAPE 2 monitor. I planned on hooking up my front main speakers out from the receiver to the speaker input on the sub. However, there are no binding posts for speaker outs on the sub. I'm running VM30s for my main fronts and already have my outdoor speakers running as "B" speakers. I have read the subwoofer manual. However the wiring diagram shows a receiver with 2 outputs for the Main Fronts (which I don't have). I'm hesitant to connect 2 sets of speaker wire (front speaker and subwoofer) to the same speaker binding post on my reciever since I'm not sure what that does in terms of impedance. A new receiver is not an option at the moment since we just moved into a new house. Any help would be much appreciated.


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    Hello Adam,
    Welcome to the CP Forum. There's no problem connecting your main speakers and the sub to the receiver's speaker outputs. The sub has a very high input impedance, this means the receiver will only "see" the low impedance offered by the speakers. There will be no adverse loading by the sub.
    Enjoy, Ken

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    Thanks Ken!

    I just set up the system using the sub and front speakers in parallel on the receiver's speaker output. I'm very happy with the sound of the system.

    Thanks again

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