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    Smile Need suggestion for speaker cable, inter-connect and power cable

    I am looking to upgrade my speaker cable for my Focal Chorus 816v. I am currently using Monoprice cable. Some friends recommend getting Tara Labs or Kimber Kable 4TC. Does anyone have experience which brand and specific model that best suits the Focal 816v? My receiver is Arcam AVR300.

    Also looking to upgrade my interconnect cable? Any suggestion? Is Kimber Kable D-60 a good match? I am looking for the best bang for the buck. I don't want to spend a ridiculous amount just to get a few % more sonic performance. Also is changing power cable such as PS Audio improves the sound quality significantly? If yes, any specific model recommended?


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    For IC's look at Audioquest Copperhead and Kimber PBJ or Tonik. 4TC might be a good match for the 816v, especially if they're a touch forward in treble. I would avoid (strictly my opinion) solid core copper or silver wire for speakers with hot treble. Power cables--I couldn't tell you. I have upgraded to heavy gage power cables, but they are not boutique type cables.

    These are just a very few suggestions, there are tons of choices in good bang-for-the-buck cables.
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    There's some real nice Analysis Plus Oval 12's in the Flea Market right now....

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    Kimber makes great IC's. I have their PBJ's, which I dunno if they're still made, but were an excellent bang for the buck.

    Member: Ben62670 was making interconnects like the silver PBJ's, and his are well respected on here. That's where I was headed for my next adventure in IC's. (He also makes speaker cables)

    Good luck!
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    I have used these with all my Arcam pieces (including my old AVR300) with great results. They have made a SE now for more money but i can't comment on them as i have only used the Classics. Take some time and read the consumer reviews. They are stellar cables at super prices. I use their speaker cables and power cords as well. No affiliation.
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    i have some AudioQuest Sidewinders IC's FS in the FM on here

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