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Thread: SPL competition

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    Default SPL competition

    A friend has 2, 12" alpine drivers in a ported box driven by a 1000 watt alpine amp.All inside his Z 24 cavalier.He came second place with a 147 DB spl reading.At my place yesterday I cranked my 2 svs pcu 13's pretty loud, I don't have a spl meter but he said there is no way his car subs would go that low! He was quite surprised.I was going to to play them louder but the wife yelled " knock it off " !!! Things in the china cabinet were vibrating too much.The cabinet is on the next floor up at the opposite end of the house, from where the svs subs are located. Incredible power and they weren't at all stressed.;)
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    I bet your neighbors were impressed.

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