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    Default DB 1240 box help please

    first post woot :)

    im looking for help with building a ported(vented) box for 2 DB1240's powered by a hifonics HIFI 1000D amp. I've done a bit of reserch and stuff and something that keeps confusing me is the different tuning for ported boxes. i know you find it by getting the area of the port and stuff, but what does it do, like a box tuned to 33Hx vs a box tuned to 40Hz? Also what would be a good tuning for listening to a lot of metal with fast low double bass and big bass drops :D. and i know sealed is the best for this but i want it louder and i am currently maxing out my alternator with what i have right now, so i cant just go with more power:(. And what's a good amount of airspace for each of these.

    right now Ive' got 6.5 DB components in front and coax in the back of a jeep Cherokee (XJ), and i had a 12' hifonics brutus sub (in a sealed box) and hifonics HIFI1000 amp, but it got stolen.

    *i posted this in the wrong place at first

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    Let me start off by saying welcome. Now, I wish I could answer the port tuning part of your question, but I do not know a whole lot about it. I do know that there will people on here that can help in that area. My best educated guess would be, is it is where the freq cuts off at, or how low it will be able to go. I think........

    I can however tell you that the ported box will have more of a boomy sound instead of a crisp boom or kick. Also if you are going ported you need to make sure that you have an amp that has a subsonic filter on it. This will help prevent unwanted freq getting to the sub that is not needed. Also needs to have a bass boost as well on the amp to help increase the lower freq's.

    If you go ported you dont have to have an amp that produces as much power, but if you go sealed then you can go with a bigger amp. If you having problems with you electrical being stressed out, then I would look at getting a highout put alt, and do the big three upgrade. Hope this helps.


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    I think this should answer your question about the tuning frequency of the box.

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