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    Default Looks like a good price on vintage Polks...what are they?

    Saw this on CL in Pennsylvania

    Let me know if this turns out to be a good score for someone.


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    May we get a link to the actual listing?
    polkaudio Monitor 5 Series II
    polkaudio SDA-1 (with the SL1000)
    TEAC AG-H300 MK III stereo receiver
    beyerdynamic DT-880 Premium (600 Ω) headphones
    SENNHEISER HD-555 headphones
    Little Dot MK IV tube headphone amp
    Little Dot DAC_I balanced D/A converter

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    Hey Jamie, You want to copy the web page link, not the email address, IF you want anyone to be able to answer your question.

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    Nevermind. They're the same as the ones in dee1949's thread on Baltimore cl

    SDA 2's. But the seller has this listing in Pennsylvania as well.

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